Interview with Peer Hahnefeld

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Name: Peer Hahnefeld
City: On the countryside between Berlin and Leipzig

Peer is a specialized master of Mixing & Mastering online.

Studio Owner Peer Hahnefeld had numerous national & international Top 10 chart placements (including number 1 in the charts), Gold- and Music Awards. He worked for artists in over 15 countries… A graduate of the SAE institute, the principle of his work follows a certain principle: a musician comes to his site and makes an order. Behind his shoulders there are countless Mixing and Mastering compositions for musicians from different areas, ranging from pop music to EDM. Here are only a couple of performers, with whom he has worked: Akon, Sido (Germany).

JB Beats: How did you achieve such a success in the music realm?

Peer: Hi, thanks for the interview. I have no particular formula. I think as long as you keep on being motivated wanting to get better at what you do, things will go their way.

JB Beats: In general, is it recommendable to master your own songs just by yourself, or is it better, if a professional handles this?

Peer: Of course it`s better to let a professional do it, I run a business because of that. :D.
If you can`t find an engineer that can do it better than you, then maybe you should start your own mastering business. ;).

JB Beats: What do you especially have to take care of, when it comes to mastering? Share your secrets.

Peer: For me it`s 50 percent technical stuff and 50 percent goes to the taste and feeling. On the technical side i`m way more on the cutting side than on the boosting side. I rarely boost more than half a db on an equaliser. I primarily cut out what’s in the way to open the stage. In my opinion, this can be done with digital dynamical tools better than with analog tools. For some character and high end shine I prefer the hardware stuff.

JB Beats: At your point of view, what styles of music are the most popular nowadays?

Peer: If you take a look in the charts there are various artists from all genres. So I think a lot of styles can have their place right now.

JB Beats: What is the most important ingredient for the development of an artist?

Peer: I believe in hard work.

JB Beats: How important is it to have connections in the music business?

Peer: It´s one of the most important parts.

JB Beats: In your opinion, what is the best way to get signed to the Record Label?

Peer: Making yourself a name in your scene is the best way to open doors for labels.

JB Beats: What is your advice to the beginner musician?

Peer: Don´t be too unpatient and keep on being motivated.

JB Beats: If you had a shipwreck and got on a desert island which 3 things would you take with you?

Peer: My wife, kid and cats. ;). If I can have a small studio there: my speakers, workstation and converters.

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