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Name: Carlos San Segundo
City: Darmstadt

Carlos is the owner of a well-known music portal in Germany. He is originally from the agency business, also marketing, website development and is familiar with search engine optimization. Alongside he makes marketing advice for some clients, conducts its great website and has a lot of experience. Have fun while reading!

JB Beats: How did you achieve such a success in the music realm?

Carlos: Music is a passion for most of us, so it is for myself. And that is where everything comes from. Passion and dedication. Whatever you want to achieve in life: dream and go for it. There will be a lot of drawbacks and pitfalls. Failure is your companion all along. But there is your chance – keep on dreaming and pursuing your goals.

JB Beats: On what project/ projects are you working at this moment?

Carlos: Since the magazine for musicians “delamar” did get so big there is only little time for anything else. So you’ll find me here most of my time. Now and then, when the task seems interesting enough, I work as a marketing consultant for clients. And I am working at getting more of an entrepreneur rather than a freelancer in my own business.

JB Beats: At your point of view, what styles of music are the most popular nowadays?

Carlos: Well, if you want to check out what is popular to the masses, there are the billboard charts. But I’d encourage every musician and producer rather to check out which music styles will be popular tomorrow or the day after. Don’t produce for today. Make your music something that will get popular tomorrow. If you try to chase down your fate, you’ll always be a step too late.

JB Beats: What qualities do you need to achieve success in the show business?

Carlos: What I am going to say won’t sound good for most musicians, I know. It doesn’t matter which kind of business you are in. It’s a business and it’s about making money for the industry. That is  how show business works. First: You need to find out how money is made in this business. Then you need to figure out, how you and your music could fit into that scheme.

After that it’s all about dedication. Use all of your free time pursuing your goals. Focus on what you want to achieve and don’t compromise. Don’t get me wrong. Please, please don’t quit your day job until you can live from music.

There are a bazillion of musicians, interprets and producers dreaming of getting big in the show business, maybe as your readers are. What separates the successful from the other is the level of dedication. It takes years for getting successful overnight. Read the bios of your idols, learn from them. Learn how long and how much it took them to get where they are.

Summing up: a good product (music AND image), passion, dedication, perseverance.

JB Beats: What is the most important ingredient for the development of an artist?

Carlos: Depends on the sector. Musically it takes a fresh approach to find out what your potential fans want from you as an artist. I find it very inspiring checking out other fields and genres. You can learn so much from others. Try to cooperate with other artist and make it worth their time.

JB Beats: In your opinion, what is the best way to get signed to the Record Label?

Carlos: Why would you like to get signed by a label at all? Think of a label as a kind of a bank. They give you some money to produce a record. After paying them back all of the loan you got from them they keep most of the revenues. Especially when you are new in the business and have no choice than to take the contract as it comes.

If your first record doesn’t perform as they imagined it would (making them lots of money) they probably drop you. But since most contracts have an option to more than one record you can’t just sign to the next label. Also, if a label has a lot of newcomers in their roster they usually put all marketing on the one that seems most promising and popular to the masses. Remember, it’s a business all about money. It’s the normal thing to do.

In my opinion it’s best to begin as independent artist until you have a real fan base. With a million fans in your back, it will be an easy task to get better contracts, more of the revenue pie and a lot of attention from a label.

JB Beats: How important is it to have connections in the music business?

Carlos: Given a good product: it’s the most important. Get out and meet the professionals. Don’t be pushy, just be there and wait for your opportunity.

JB Beats: What is your advice to the beginner musician / DJ?

Carlos: Great that you want to make music or dj! Learn to hone your skills. Read mags, watch tutorials, speak to other artists and read books.

JB Beats: If you had a shipwreck and got on a desert island which 3 things would you take with you?

Carlos: Hopefully a companion to talk to. A rope and a big knife.

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