Interview with Kung Pow

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Artist Name: Kung Pow
City:  Las Vegas, NV. USA


Kung Pow started his music career as a DJ in 2004 and worked throughout California. Later he began to produce his own tracks. Dozens of collaborations, countless releases on Beatport and unusual, fresh and sick EDM sounds make Kung Pow unique. Check it out for yourself! Without a doubt, he will come far.

JB Beats: How did you achieve such a success in the music realm?

Kung Pow: With time…. After 10 years of activity, you kind of look back and you’ve either have kept moving up in music or have nothing to show. I find it hard to have nothing to show after 10 years. After my first year, I kept pushing myself to do more than the year before. 10 years have gone by and I still advanced more than last year… every year. Producing and playing out live, at as many places, in as many cities, and as many states, certainly helps.

JB Beats: On what project/ projects are you working at this moment?

I’m currently planning 2 events in Las Vegas and helping plan one in the Los Angeles area. I’m working on a remix for a pop music artist and working on some more of my own original music. I’m also putting together a compilation for our label, Nuphonic Rhythm, and I’m always on the look out for new talent to possibly work with musically.

JB Beats: What does it need to get attention with your own music? Share your secrets!

Kung Pow: Marketing, promotions and networking is key, to grow as an artist. Having an online presence helps. Releasing music helps get your name out there. Working with other artists and promotion companies definitely helps you do more with your music career.

JB Beats: At your point of view, what styles of music are the most popular nowadays?

Kung Pow: That really depends on what city, state or country your speaking of. Every city is different from the other. In some cities one genre might be popular but compared to another city that same genre might be disliked. I think it really depends on what local artists and local promotion companies are doing in their city that really influences their scene. Every genre of music has its place in certain areas. This is a topic of the Mainstream vs. the Underground. Every event or club usually either wants a mainstream sound or an underground sound.

JB Beats: What qualities do you need to achieve success in the show business?

Kung Pow: Really good people skills, a fan base, marketability and a talent that sets you apart from others. We are in a time where everyone is a DJ. It is now much more affordable to get DJ/ Producer equipment and even easier to learn to DJ & produce because of the new technologies. In the end, your social skills are what you will use the most, to set yourself up for bookings or signing to record labels.

JB Beats: What is the most important ingredient for the development of an artist?

Kung Pow: True passion! Everyone that starts DJing or Producing may do it for reasons other than a true passion for the music and the environment of the music. Without passion those who start may only go so far. There may be no pay or much benefit at all in the beginning. Even after several years there may still be no gain. If you truly have the passion for it… you will continue to do it, just because of the love and musical accomplishments you get from it.

JB Beats: In your opinion, what is the best way to get signed to an EDM Record Label?

Kung Pow: In this business… it really is all about, who you know and how well you know them. Sending demos in online is one way of doing it, but it’s much easier to actually speak to someone in person and maybe hand someone, that is already signed to a label, your music. I’ve signed artists in the past just because someone playing the same show as me, in some city I was booked for, handed me a CD to listen to. It was a CD I total forgot about and found it in my DJ bag months later. We listened to it, liked it and contacted the artists and signed them that same week after listen to the CD.

JB Beats: How important is it to have connections in the music business?

Kung Pow: Your connections is everything in this business. Having the right connections is what you need to gain new and different opportunities. If your connections do not grow, you will be stuck in doing the same things over and over in your career.

JB Beats: What is your advice to the beginner musician / DJ?

Kung Pow: Do it because you love it. It’s not about money or getting women. If you love doing it and you continue to do it because you love it… eventually someday it will pay off and you will acknowledge your accomplishments as time goes by.

JB Beats: If you had a shipwreck and got on a desert island which 3 things would you take with you?

Kung Pow: My plus one! My laptop and my Maschine beatpad.


*Song Name: Yes Prease