FL Studio or no?

By Jigga Beatz on Apr 27, 2016 in Blog - 0 Comments

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I asked myself this question more than once. I used this programme for drum parties as plugin in sequencer Cubase not long ago. Now I basically use nothing else but it. I noticed that the programme Fruity Loops, in comparison with Propellerhead Reason and Cubase, was easier , more simple to use, more precise, and most important, it is full with a huge amount of effects. In my opinion, it is an excellent professional drum machine , which allows you to record and process the material. The programmer Didier Dambrin (known as «gol») did not waist eight years of his life on its development for nothing!

I often heard that famous sound producers made ALL (!) their arrangements on FL Studio, but I thought it was a joke. My opinion was: the program looks cheap like a child’s toy and worth about a hundred bucks, but on the other hand, why complicate things? You know, the law of life is: do not seek wisdom, seek simplicity. Many well-known musicians, such as DJ Snake, Martin Garrix, Afrojack, Avicii produce on “fruit”. What conclusion do I get asking the question: FL Studio or no? Undoubtedly yes!

Avicii makes a track in Fl Studio:

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